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Our analog timepiece completes your wardrobe and ensures you are well accessorized. You can get away without a bracelet or pair of earrings. But good dressing is not complete if you do not have a beautiful wristwatch that ties your look together.

The Best Vintage Design Watches for Women

Popular vintage design women’s watches from the collection of Carré and Link design, by M degrees.

The beautiful cut glass around the dial. A champagne gold or silver dial allows you to enjoy subtle changes depending on the angle of the light when the light comes in. The cut glass was often used on watches produced in the vintage ‘60s and ‘70s. It looks great in the photo.

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Watches & Fashion go Hand in Hand

by M degrees watches and jewelry are a contemporary twist on nostalgic design. Our pieces are bold, elegant, and made to complement the modern woman.
Her’s, chic and rhythmic style is captured in the fusion of urban elements and femininity.

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      Left: Link GD Urban Night
      Right: Carré GD Density
      Also, available in Silver

      Collection Carré. Champagne gold face shines in natural light like jewel.

      Left: Carré GD Metro
      Right: Carré GD Pari

      Gray Strap Models. One For Each Mood

      Left: Carré SS Leco Right: Link SS Atlas