Our Story

Our Story

As an expert in the watch industry, she has traveled far and wide in search of unique watch brands. She has attended countless shows displaying the latest watch designs on the market.

Believe her when she says that she has seen tens of thousands of watches, including those sold by affordable and top-of-the-line luxury brands. These days, women’s watches feature bulkier shapes, becoming very similar to men’s watches.

In an effort to bring back the minimalist look to women’s watches, she has decided to launch her own brand inspired by delicate, elegant, vintage designs. She is dedicated to every part of designing these watches, even down to the smallest of details.

Be Inspired

by M degrees watches are a contemporary twist on nostalgic design. Our pieces are bold, elegant, and made to complement the modern woman.

Her’s, chic and rhythmic style is captured in the fusion of urban elements and femininity.

Wear with everyday fashion or for memorable evenings in the big city. by M degrees watches capture timeless beauty while you continue to shine.

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