Carré GD Pari as Wedding Jewelry

We’ve already given our usual suggestions for the Carré GD Pari watch, but this time around, we wanted to show you what it looks like paired with wedding dresses. That’s right, on your special day, this watch will genuinely accentuate your beauty without looking out of place.
Most people think that wedding jewelry consists of pearl earrings, pendant necklaces, and intricate hair accessories. While it is true that analog watches are usually more of a functional piece than a fashion statement, we are here to tell you that this particular watch is also a perfect accessory for any beautiful bride on her wedding day.
The Carré GD Pari model has the appearance of jewelry that seamlessly complements a wedding dress in every way. This watch features a gold case with a champagne gold dial and a nude beige strap. The cut glass on the watch face always shimmers and shines with the sun’s reflection. With this stunning watch, your radiant beauty will also shine through. These characteristics and features led us to conclude that the Carré GD Pari watch should be worn by brides when they get married.
At the reception, you can continue wearing the watch as is and dance the night away. During the honeymoon, this watch will be versatile enough for you to pair it with more casual outfits too. Once you and your spouse go back home, you’ll be reminded of your wedding day every time you wear the watch, which will surely brighten your day. This fabulous accessory can also become a symbol of all the good times you spent together as newlyweds. We are confident that you will simply adore the Carré GD Pari watch now and in the future. Click here for regular style ideas for this model.

All images by:@kuralenya_
We will be honored if you decide to wear this on your big day. It is a functional fashion accessory that is timeless on its own and looks incredibly gorgeous on any bride. We’d love to hear your thoughts about this watch as wedding jewelry.

you could even wear this watch on your wedding day!

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