Style Ideas for the Carré SS Retro Rose

Model Carré SS Retro Red features a red leather strap with a silver case and a silver dial. Red is the color of passion that gives a nice pop of color to this accessory. This watch pairs well with a casual wardrobe. Since red watches aren’t as common, wearing this will help you show off a little more personality. We also mentioned a casual style for the Carré SS Saba model, but wearing this watch along with any red, white, or blue-colored clothes certainly won’t fail you.

Don’t you love waking up on those sunny weekend mornings for a trip to the farmer’s market? Farmer’s markets offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that can help you get exciting ideas for meals to cook. Once you get home and wash off your produce, you will feel motivated to start cooking as soon as possible. Lucky for you, this means you can still wear your casual attire and get your meal prepared without having to change out of your clothes or this watch. Now we will provide some ideas for a casual wardrobe that will coordinate perfectly along with this watch.

You can start by finding something like light, comfortable, maneuverable drape pants made of rayon fabric. Another idea is wearing cotton pants that are breathable and gentle on your skin during the dry season. We highly recommend a navy or beige color which always goes well with red. If you want a patterned look, find bottoms that feature polka dots or floral prints. Plain white t-shirts look great with this watch but if your pants are plain, a striped t-shirt will also look good with this model.When you go out, add on a collared white shirt or even a denim shirt over your plain t-shirt. Leave all of the buttons open and choose a shirt that is lightweight enough to allow a light breeze to flow through. Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves so you can easily look down and see your stunning watch while you’re out and about.

Your choice of shoes should be comfortable enough to walk around in. We suggest shoes like these flats or even sandals featuring colors like brown, beige, or white. The red leather watch band gives it a luxurious feel so wear sandals that match that style so you can have a uniform look. A Birkenstock shoe design is a good choice, or any pointed-toe pair of shoes will also look good.

To complete your look, take your favorite eco bag and head over to the local farmer’s market for a splendid weekend shopping spree!

Wearing this will help you show off a little more personality

by M degrees

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