Style Ideas for the Carré GD Saba

Model Carré GD Saba features a camel brown leather strap with a gold case and a beautiful champagne gold-colored dial. Click here for the Carré SS Saba in a silver case with the same camel brown strap that introduces style ideas. The classic black or brown leather strap is the go-to look for most people; however, this watch is great for those who want to blend in yet stand out from the crowd a little bit. This watch pairs perfectly with neutral colors like white, ivory, beige, or brown. Look for this color palette in your wardrobe and see what you like best.

During this unprecedented time, most of us are interacting with friends and family from home. We are also spending more time working remotely. As long as this is the case, most people will only see part of you on the screen, so it isn’t as necessary to be wearing fashionable accessories. For this watch, we are sharing wardrobe ideas that you can easily pick out for your remote interactions with others.

Anyone can wear our watches as accessories for casual or formal attire. For example, a simple T-shirt with this model will draw some attention to you on the screen. Dress it up instantly with silk or rayon tops along with a gold necklace or earrings for important remote work meetings. Dressing up like this also helps your mind stay focused and sets the tone for your workday. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of dress pants or skirts to match your top. Comfort always trumps style when you work from home.For casual occasions with friends and family, pair this watch with a comfortable cotton T-shirt and a thin chain bracelet or ring to balance out your outfit. On colder days, it would also look good with off-white or beige knit sweaters. Just remember to roll up your long sleeves so that people can actually see and admire your watch.

Picture yourself wearing this watch while relaxing on the couch with your favorite cup of coffee. When you want to feel a bit fancier, try painting your nails. Natural colors such as beige and light pink will complement this watch well. You can even try wearing glasses with this model to look even more sophisticated. There are several different ways to style this watch; we know that you’ll love it!

Anyone can wear our watches as accessories for casual or formal attire.

by M degrees

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