Style Ideas for the Carré GD Esso

Model Carré GD Esso has a chocolate brown leather strap with a gold case and a champagne gold dial. The case and dial are gold and gorgeous, and the contrasting color of the strap blends well with the gold to give it a nice look. In this collection, the color combination is just right. It provides the perfect balance of simplicity and extravagance. This look is tidy, unifying, and provides an overall trimmed design.

This model goes great with colors such as brown, beige and caramel. If you are wearing something along those lines, then putting this watch on your wrist will make you look like a gem. The secret lies in the beautifully cut glass.

For your morning routine you start with a yoga session followed by meditating. Next you make a fruit and granola bowl paired with your favorite green smoothie for breakfast. You are starting out a great day by managing your health, doing your hair and makeup, picking your perfect outfit, and getting ready for the day ahead. You don’t have extra time to think during your busy morning, right? Everybody has a routine to start the day out right.

Our watch is useful and versatile because it can also be worn as a piece of jewelry. Even on your busiest mornings, all you have to do is wear this watch and you will have good vibes all day.

For a girls’ night out at a fancy restaurant, you want to show off your personality more than usual, right? In that instance, this watch goes well with a leopard print piece. Wear this little gem with a leopard print wrap dress, leopard print knit blouse, or even a leopard print pencil skirt for an urban look. Even if you decide to wear solid colors, you can be fashion forward and wear a thick cuff bracelet like Tiffany’s bone on your opposite wrist. Add a hint of leopard print with booties or heels instead.

Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone with this look!

When pairing a bag with this model, stick with a simple, small brown leather bag. All you’ll need to bring is a smartphone and lip balm. Finally, complete the look with some brown eyeshadow!

Please share your favorite outfit to wear with this model by using #bymdegrees.

Our watch is useful and versatile because it can be worn as a piece of jewelry.

by M degrees

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