Style Ideas for the Carré SS Saba

Model Carré SS Saba features a camel brown leather strap with a silver case and a silver dial. This color combination is very refreshing, and the vibe is all about summertime. The look of this watch brings to mind words such as bright and revitalizing. When you wear it, it can put a spring in your step, almost putting you in the mood to whistle. The silver case and silver dial add brightness, and the camel-colored light brown strap adds a delightful color overall. Style ideas will incorporate the theme of summer, lightness, and relaxation for this particular model.

On those carefree summer days, you can wear this lovely accessory as you look around different vintage furniture stores. This watch may even give you the inspiration to add a little greenery like ferns or fresh flowers in your home. Whatever you decide to do, wearing this watch is sure to put you in a pleasant and uplifting mood all day long.

A great top that would match this watch is a blue and white striped shirt like this one. For a brighter splash of color, wear a red and white striped shirt instead. The balance of color and shine on this watch makes it very fashionable to wear with a variety of summer outfits.

This model is very suitable for casual outfits, so we suggest wearing blue jeans along with it. White ankle pants are another great choice if you want to wear those. If you are going out on a shopping spree, pick an outfit that is comfortable enough to walk and move around in. One of our favorite outfit ideas is a red and white striped top with blue jeans along with this watch. Our recommendation for shoes would be classic white tennis shoes. The stark white gives some good contrast to the overall look.

This watch is just fine on its own as a stand-alone accessory to wear. However, the look is enhanced even more if you also wear glasses. Find a pair of glasses with frames that have a lighter pale color or even a tortoiseshell hue, those would be absolutely perfect to complete the ensemble.

We recommend staying away from darker colors when wearing this watch. Since this color is geared more towards summer, brighter colors will work the best. A perfect handbag to use would be a Loewe basket bag or something with a similar style. It is almost a match made in heaven once you pair a Loewe bag with this watch. Seriously, what’s not to love about that? Just picture a nice summer day wearing your favorite striped shirt with your blue jeans, white shoes, Loewe bag, and this beautiful watch. Does it almost make your heart skip a beat? This is the perfect watch for a sunny and lighthearted summer day.

This is the perfect watch for a sunny and lighthearted summer day!

by M degrees

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