Style Ideas for the Carré SS Leco

book and watch

This model Carré SS Leco is a very cool combination model featuring a silver case, black dial, and gray leather strap. You may find it difficult to match this watch with your outfits. In fact, it may seem the most challenging watch to match out of our 12 collections. Is it common for you to see people wearing a watch with a gray strap? If not, you may want to expand your horizons and try this one on for size. Gray is a good neutral color to wear for both business or for casual occasions.

Going to a party while wearing this watch can help your silver jewelry and accessories stand out a little more because this watch style is not as shiny as our other watches. Even for everyday use, it’s very stylish and urban when worn with clothing such as this black and gray houndstooth jacket. If you have a pair of gray leather shoes, your personality will be highlighted when paired with this watch. In the warm spring and summer seasons, roll up the sleeves of a light gray shirt, and wear this watch to look more like a working woman.

gray knit
This watch is versatile enough to wear in winter too. You can match this with gray sweaters, black leather skirts, black or white tops, black boots, and even a nice gray rib knitted scarf. The gray leather strap provides a good texture contrast to knitted material.

As you get used to wearing this watch, you can enjoy wearing not only the materials mentioned above but also opposing colors. Picture this, a beige shirt with the gray watch. You may think that combination sounds preposterous and that it wouldn’t look good at all! Hear us out, when this watch is combined with a light and pale color, it stands out. Even if it is a little conspicuous, the color scheme makes it look chic and sophisticated. It can truly compliment your outfit without having to intentionally try and match it with white, black, or silver. On a weekend afternoon, wear this watch with a casual outfit for a leisurely stroll to your favorite coffee shop. Even if this is not your typical color scheme for a watch, we know you’ll grow to love it. Gray is a color that blends well with many other shades. Think about it, gray with mint, grey with pink and even grey with red really provides a striking contrast. Elegant and timeless, gray is a color no lady should be without, come Autumn or Spring.

Infuse SS Leco with colors you never thought could work.

by M degrees

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